Thursday, July 16, 2015

Health and your Tongue

What is a Tongue Cleaner?

Ever thought what causes that unpleasant smell that we all turn away from...especially in the morning
Your tongue is the root cause for bad breath. Thought of that?
We often think it has to do with what we have eaten...or we have no idea from where it comes

This is the cause....the layer of mucous on your tongue.
This is the breeding ground for bacteria. These attack and are therefore harmful to your teeth and gums.

Many use different ways of trying to clear this. Mouth rinses, teethbrushing, avoiding certain foods...but all you need to do is clean your tongue.

And how? With your toothbrush?

Well, the most effective way is with a Tongue Cleaner...and they are available now almost
Unfortunately we do not get enough information to help us in this direction. So it is good
to think about it....and your dentist will love you for doing it! As well as your friend! want to have a healthy mouth. So, besides you brushing your teeth,
get into the habit of regularly doing this and take those five minutes before your day
starts and get that part of your body clean and smelling good.

So, let us talk now on how to use a Tongue Cleaner

  • Mouth open...tongue out!
Depending on the tongue Scraper reach it to the back of your tongue.
(With one form you may need to take the two ends of the tongue scraper, and
the other is a firm scraper and you just need to scrap it over from the back of your tongue.

  • Scrape firmly forward 
Do this several times and rins the mucous off the scraper inbetween. 
Apply as much strength as is comfortable for you.
  •  Now, rinse your mouth once you are finished.
All you need to do now is wash your tongue scraper thoroughly in hot water, dry and put away.

Yes, I know, now you are wondering what it at all looks like? Right? Well, here you are:

Take time for YOURSELF and others will love you for it.


Children and Books

One thing children love is having someone to read to them. They can run around the whole day, jumping over chairs, climbing under tables, playing football, or whatever....give them a book and there is peace - at least for a while. One of the things I loved the most was the evening readings of The Water Babies, Puh the Bear and Alice in Wonderland. Puh the Bear has followed me over the years and still looks down at me from my book shelf. We made even a tradition in reading Puh at Christmas when we, as a family, celebrated Christmas. Why at Christmas time, ask me, I do not know...but we did it. Now, today I found something new...I will surely get one of these myself for the grandchildren..but I am sure it will also interest someone you to see that this is an ideal gift for birthdays, christenings, confirmations...or just for a love-gift. Being in two colours there is a possibility to buy for a boy or a girl...I will hope to put both in here so that you have it easier to find them. So, you want a few moments of quiet...then, hope these will be of value to you.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lesen, Lesen, Lesen

What a wonderful occupation. I enjoy ending the day with a good book. Some folk, I have heard, enjoy reading recipe books. . . others an exciting Crimi...
One thing I cannot do is read in a moving vehicle. The Underground rocks one back and forth, in a car there is too much movement that I cannot even read a road plan....OK, that is my problem.
But down to it all, reading is a wonderful way to get out of a stress situation and just relax, or, of
course to get those brain  cells working and take on something where one needs to concentrate more.
And of course, to read any description before building up that cupboard, or taking your meds.

And the language.....well, to learn German better I read the Bible stories because I knew them so well and then took on children's Pixi books because the sentences were shorter as well as the stories ... yes, of course the pictures made a difference.

Now, to get down to the basics, we cannot live without having read something during the day, even if
it is  only the name of something you want to buy....
and now, to inspire you, in the world today the possibilities are much need to carry a heavy
book around ... just enjoy the new way of doing and that is fun. Of course you are able to find it all here.... Kindle, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi - Includes Special Offers

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Yes, sharing is helpful! Now I know this is not always possible...but, I also know there are ways to share that are beyond the usual way we do things. This we have just experienced during the Celebration holidays...oh, and I trust you had a wonderful time with your friends and family. A few days to catch up on old friends, send cards, mails, phone, sms, visits. Whatever, all belongs to the happy time of Christmas. Sharing experiences, gifts, laughter, tears...all during the short period of the holiday time before leaving once more to enter new unknown experiences.

2012 is soon closing its doors to open to the new exciting experiences one will have in 2013! Many thought 2012 would bring the crash down. End! Nothing more! But it has not been so. 

The days before 2012 becomes 2013 we will probably use to fill up the cupboards, to exchange that christmas present that did not fit, or run to the bank because the purse is empty as the month ends! And so our lives go on...on to the next happening!

Yes, that is how our lives go. 
This morning when I woke up, I wanted to try out my brand new health "desk-chair". Absolute marvelous. 
As I was trying it out my eyes fell on the "Horzu" Magazine on November 2012!
Quite a while back, but the advice given never grows old . . . revised or gets better. . . yes, but not old! So, reading through it, I thought it is good to take care of ones health in a more serious way in 2013. Some I KNOW, but one forgets or has not the time, or, or, or! But this morning I KNOW how important this is for YOU to KNOW and for me not to forget and to take the time in 2013 for your health problem. 

Health! A theme that keeps us on the I thought to share these great tips from HORZU and bring you something to encourage you so as to run that year 2013 with ease.

Let me share just a couple of ideas for you to think about and start making you inquisitive. The one I am interested in is:
HBP! You know it. I know it. Good nutrition, exercise and more sleep ... and

Horzu shares:
Kombucha . . a fermented tea. Drink a quarter liter twice a day.

And it tastes good!! I never thought or knew about that one. But NOW I KNOW!

Oh, and what about that cough! It hurts, it just does not get better!!

Horzu shares:
Thyme tea. . Two Tablespoons with 200 ml hot water allowing 10 minutes brewing time

Cape Province Perlagonium .. taken from the roots of this plant. Is antibiotical, against 
                                                       the inflammation of the respiratory system e.g. the well-known                                                
and did you know that the Ivyleaf  relieves that hard cough...

And with all this knowledge, one sees that there are ways and means to help yourself over the various health problems we are faced with in our daily lives.

BUT .... never do anything without speaking to your doctor or having a chat with your favourite chemist. You will find all these and many more at your chemist shop. Ask for their advice and get your health built up the natural way.

HORZU gave 100 ideas for the best ways to heal yourself naturally...LBP...Fever...Allergies... 

So, whatever the ailment we may have...remember it is possible for the body to heal itself. The wonder of nature! 100 Ideas! And there are probably even more that you may know and have tried. 

Now I Know and you know there are wonderful ways to experience the working of many natural health products to get you into a good start for 2013 and maybe even, the start of your own home chemist. 

Wishes for a wonderful start in year 2013 and Health from all sides. Natural Food found Everywhere! Start today to nourish yourself as natural as possible. 

To your Health

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just a little Fruit..and Cancer

It is amazing to think that for years cancer has taken its toll...and for years part of the answer has been there...hidden and not brought to the public for some reason or other.
I must admit without people taking their time to research the cancer problem, to try it out, test after test, it does take time before this becomes public or allowed in a country.
How ever you may is now there...SOURSOP you can read it for yourself...experience it maybe...but, it is difficult to get. And that does not make things easier. is good to know about and good to know that there ARE solutions, or at least helps to aid in the time of going through such difficulties.
So, we can be thankful for suddenly finding such treasures..and amazing to once again see that even for such a hard illness as cancer, nature has the ability to do its part. it is...and it is, as far as I can see also in the German language....
Here is a full report about the effects it has for Cancer and...not to mention depression, stress, high blood pressure...protecting your immune about much more!

Enjoy...and I trust it will come into your remembrance when meeting someone
who needs this encouragement.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Humans are made of something extraordinary .. but our lives are brief..yet each life is beautiful" - DB .. Create the beauty of your life now.
Es lohnt sich zu lesen . .